Agri Tourism & Research

WORLD1 has the required experience and expertise to mount high level International delegation of academicians, industry experts who are interested to research and learn about the farming systems and cultivation related to local crops of India.

The research activity involves traveling to the local farm sites to meet and interact with Universities, Institutions, Agricultural organizations, Industry Bodies, Government Organizations etc. who have expertise and in-depth knowledge and conduct research in crop origin, cultivation, potential for usage as raw material in the food & beverage industry etc.

It entails physically seeing as well as gathering information about the cultivation of different varieties/ species of crops cultivated in corporate and/ or individual owned farm lands; technologies used for cultivation, crop cycle, new innovation etc.

The visitors can study as well as enjoy local cultural trends, food, eating habits, consumer behaviour related to farming in various parts of India; visit vegetable markets, museums, heritage & cultural sites etc.



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