Innovation in India! – The 3rd view on India for foreign players, i.e. from Japan

Published on January 3, 2018

I’ve been supporting foreign companies, i.e. Japan co, as new entrants to India close to a decade. In honest, they are not always successful. Among numbers of reasons I saw through the experience, “wrong strategy based on wrong expectation” affects the most to unfortunate result. Expectations toward India are more or less “large and growing market” and/ or “reasonably available talent/ labour” at initial stage.

Due to its scale and complexity, India is not such easily understandable market for foreign players just through reports often prepared by 3rd parties, i.e. local consultants. Even Indian local players face unexpected difficulties during market expansion towards other region within the country.

In the meanwhile, India still requires more complexed procedure or strict compliance to players to conduct business in general. Once the company entered the market with certain investment, i.e. settling legal entity, heavy operational works will be required as default.

Now I’d like to promote “Innovation in India!” as alternative concept for Indian market entry beside of supporting scheme from us, World1 Solutions. Then you may save at least few years of struggle in India challenge by avoiding miss expectation to the region, i.e. “far below price point but huge distribution required” and/ or “reasonable salary/ wage as per spec of the person but heavy operational efforts required” etc.

If you’ve interested in above story, please find further detail in powerpoint file named “Jan2018_Innovation_in_India” in my linkedin profile. I welcome your comments, feedback or inquiries.

Tomoyuki YAMATO, Resident Partner – Bengaluru, World1 Solutions